In October 2, 2015, with the final event in Riga region, ended one of the largest regional business idea competitions in Latvia – The Business Express *. It brought together more than 200 entrepreneurs who submitted their ideas to the jury to fight for the opportunity to receive a cash prize of 2,000 to 5,000 euros in each of the Latvian regions, as well as sympathy prizes from competition sponsors and competence partners.

Regional business ideas competition “The Business Express” was organized in two rounds. In the second round of the contest participated the 10 best ideas from each region and for several months the authors of the ideas had an opportunity to both improve their knowledge with business and presentation of issues related to the further development of an idea and meet with mentors and gain useful contacts, as well as tips for implementation of the idea. In the final of the competition – in the third round, each region entered the five best business ideas. Each region’s five finalists not only presented their ideas, but also proved themselves to be leaders, team players and entrepreneurs in a game “City express” organized by the center of active relaxation “Eži”. This was the first competition in Latvia where the jury took into account not only the contestants’ ability to present their ideas, but also their personality, which is not an unimportant factor in business success.

The big prize winners in Vidzeme: 1st place (5,000 euros): Kaspars Urbāns in a team with Miks Veidemanis and Māris Dreijs (business idea – “” – a system that will record athlete’s distance parameters); 2nd place (3,000 euros): Gunda Veliki (business idea – the creation of a tree nursery, with a specialization in tree formation); 3rd place (2,000 euros), Jānis Tilaks and Toms Raudovs (business idea – “Video Factory”).

 The big prize winners in Latgale: 1st place (5,000 euros): Ieva Vaivode and Vineta Vaivode (business idea – “Hemp fabric”); 2nd place (3,000 euros): Viktors Gallers with the team (business idea – “Bat Centre in Daugavpils”); 3rd place (2,000 euros): Ruta Bernāne (business idea – “Kaitu ustoba” – games room).

The big prize winners in Zemgale: 1st place (5,000 euros) Laura Bruzgule (business idea – “GULIGULA.LV” swing-bed); 2nd place (3,000 euros): Zane Bulāne and Ģirts Bulāns (business idea – LED light objects “LAMP ”); 3rd place (2,000 euros): Jānis Zariņš (business idea – door handles made of wood).

 The big prize winners in Kurzeme: 1st place (5,000 euros): Mārtiņš Kokalis (business idea – automatic cocktail machine production and the establishment of the rental service); 2nd place (3,000 euros): Laima Špude with a team-mate Egija Gribuste (business idea – linen manufacturing and trade); 3rd place (2,000 euros): Edijs Krūmiņš and Inga Jefrēmova (business idea – curved floor coverings).

 The big prize winners in the region of Riga: 1st place (5,000 euros), Jānis Graumanis and Toms Daninieks (business idea – ecological interior design light objects); 2nd place (3,000 euros): Zanda Vipule and Edmunds Vipulis (business idea – car training stimulator); 3rd place (2,000 euros): Ildze Magazeina (business idea – ergonomic chairs for children and teens).