This September was the (international) wedding premiere for Adore My Hemp. We are happy to look back at this wonderful event and share our memories!

Our Hemp + Silk fabric travelled all the way to the Czech Republic to be incorporated in the wedding apparel of our favorite Latvian-Czech couple. Symbolically, just like strength of Hemp combined with the beauty and softness of Silk makes a perfect blend, we believe that our newly-weds make a perfect couple.

In the photos you can see bride’s wedding dress enriched with waist belt and bouquet ribbon made out of Wineta K fabric, and the adorable bow-tie complementing groom’s royal moustache.

This was our first but definitely not the last wedding. If you feel inspired and feel like Adore My Help should to be part of your wedding, we are happy to make your wish come true!




Photo: Vojtech Laznicka Photography